Hey, Hi, Hola, Bonjour, Konnichiwa

My name is Steph Vassos, and this is my first official post on my new blog called beautifulbyou. I have written previous blogs in the past, but they always tended to have multiple different themes to them. The main theme of this blog is about fashion empowerment! Although I love fashion, I have dedicated this specific blog to empowerment, hence the name beautifulbyou. Not beautifulbyourclothes, or beautifulbyourmakeup, but beautifulbyou, because you are organically beautiful. However, I will probably write posts about fashion, clothes, health and fitness, spirituality and other topics that bring about empowerment. Since there is no one path to one’s empowerment, this blog could focus on a lot of topics that deal with empowerment.

I’m hoping to post a blog post each week, but knowing how much school work I have and how much I love to binge watch tv, one post per week might not happen. Let’s just hope for the best! If you’re interested in some of the topics mentioned above, make sure you follow my blog to get updated when new blogs have been posted.

Talk soon,

Steph Vassos


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