If you love something, move forward with it.

” What have I learned about love? Its a many splendored thing. Loving what you do is extremely valuable, theres so many people in this world who don’t get to say that and if you do love it, like I said, if your not progressing and not moving forward within it, then your doing yourself a disservice and that can be with work, your wife, with your mother, with your best friend. They still need to know and you still need to know that there’s that connection cause you’ve worked to get it to a certain level “.

– Justin Timberlake, Oprah’s Master Class.

Gotta love JT, am I right, or am I right?

In Justin’s interview for Oprah’s Master Class he said this quote that I quickly scribbled down because it sparked something inside of me. I have a passion for writing, photography and singing and my entire life I have suppressed my a lot of it in order to “fit in”. I was brought up to “work hard” so that when I finally graduate university I will have an oh-so-desired degree which will get me a good paying job. Not a good job, a good paying job. Not blaming my family or friends at all, but this is just how I grew up. So probably since grade 2 I have been conditioned to be something that I am not. Although throughout my life I have written a few short stories and have recorded one or two songs on an old cellphone that are now gone forever, I have suppressed and limited myself. And for what? Absolutely nothing.

So in two years I will have my degree. HOORAY! But wait, if I didn’t hear this Justin Timberlake quote, I would have never thought to start writing again. I would not be blogging right now, I would not be 1/2 way through writing my first novel, I would probably be binge watching TV to suppress my emotions. In that case, I would have graduated with my degree and would have been so lost, not knowing who I am, and definitely not knowing what to do with the rest of my life.

So I am sharing this JT quote with you so that you can ask yourself:

  • What do I love?
  • Do I spend time doing/being with what I love every day or as often as possible?
  • If not, why?

I hope this JT quote inspires you as much as it inspired me. Suppressing your passions should never be something you result too, and as JT put it, if you are not progressing in what you love, you are doing yourself and the world a disservice.

Service yourself and kick ass at life,



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