Do It For You

So this post is not quite a week away from my last one, but I had some inspiration and decided to write about it…. and I might be trying to avoid writing an essay?

The theme of this post is all about YOU!!

There is a trend that I have seen over one hundred times, and maybe you can agree with me. How many times have you seen someone start doing something that they love, and then over time it changes into them doing something to please someone else? Normally, when people do things for themselves they feel great about it. For example, many people will start a diet to impress themselves, but after a while when people notice that they are losing weight, there begins a mental battle within the person where they feel like they need to continue the diet in order to please other people…. and it backfires almost every time.

I have seen this trend in so many different types of people. Businessmen, singers, actors, students, youtubers, entrepreneurs, ect,.

So why am I writing this? For awareness, like everything else I write about. It is important that in whatever you do, you do it for yourself, and not for others. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t help people if they need your help because you “don’t feel like helping”. There is also a fine line when it comes to committed relationships because they involve compromise, so if you are married to someone you cannot just move to Egypt because you feel like it – you need to compromise. When I mean do things for yourself, I mean more along the lines of getting the job you want, living where you want to, spending your money on what you want to buy, ect,. Hopefully you get the point.

This seems like such a simple concept, but so many people go around “bitching and complaining” about how their parents made them do things, or how they did something to please another person. It happens all the time, but it can be changed if you begin to become more aware of your thoughts and decision making process.





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