Tennis Balls, Cups and Embracing Who You Are

I saw a picture a few days ago that stated, “if you try to be something you’re not – you’ll end up being nothing”, and it got me thinking. Even though this seems like a very simple statement, it is completely true.

Imagine a cup made out of glass. What are the functions of the cup, what is the cup used for, how was the cup made? A cup generally serves the function of holding a liquid or substance. The substance generally takes the form of the cup. Lots of people use cups to hold their coffee and water, or sometimes to eat cereal or soup out of them.

Now imagine if the cup were to be used for something else. Could the cup, which is made out of glass, serve the same function as a tennis ball? Imagine using a cup instead of a tennis ball in a tennis match – there is no way that it could work. Glass is not a substance that is made to bounce, and the shape of the cup is not made with the aerodynamics that a ball would serve in a tennis match.

If the cup didn’t break the second you hit if with your tennis racket, it would be some really sturdy glass. But I’m sure you can imagine that after the cup is served it will hit the ground or possibly your opponent’s racket and break, sooner than later.

The point with this whole cup and tennis metaphor is to explain that if you are not true to your unique and individual self, you probably will not end up enjoying your life. I know it seems tempting to “fit in” with society, but I don’t believe that we are all made to work like cogs in a machine. Every human should be the architect and builder of their own life, and the first step to doing so is by knowing yourself. Know what works for you, know your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and fears. Most importantly, don’t be a cup when you were meant to be a tennis ball – embrace who you are!

Best wishes,



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