It Ain’t Easy Being Yeezy

I’m not one to rant, but here’s my first go at it.

If you have been living under a rock for the past few days, you probably won’t know what I’m talking about, but if you check social media you definitely know about the message that the famous Anonymous sent to Kanye West. If you do not know of this video, I will post a link below.

Basically, the video trashes Kanye West and his decisions/actions in life. Anonymous also targets Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, and his daughter North West. Anonymous said Kanye does not use his money, power and mass influence in a positive way- which I agree, is a fair statement. Kanye could be using his money, power and influence in order to prevent poverty, to bring peace to the world, and many other great things; but instead he spends his money on retail therapy – like the rest of society.

So ask yourself this:

Does Kanye have a big ego?
Does Kanye abuse his power?
Is Kanye ignorant?

You probably answered Yes to each of these questions. What an awful person Mr. West must be.

But hold on, ask yourself this:

Does Kanye rape women?
Does Kanye sell children as slaves?
Does Kanye starve nations of people?

No, but other people on this planet do. Kanye is just a person with a lot of baggage, just like you and me. Therefore, Kanye must be human like the rest of us. So be careful not to judge him too harshly.

I think Anonymous has directed, or better yet, distracted the public’s eye into focusing on the mistakes of Mr. West in order to take our eyes off the real problems of the world such as war, poverty and disease. Anonymous said that Kanye uses the media in order to focus on material growth, sex, and of course, himself… But, didn’t anonymous once again just direct our attention to Kanye? Listen. Think. Learn. Discern.

Until next time,


Link for Anonymous’ video:


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