Stop waiting, the world is already providing for you!

How many times have you seen the quote that clogs your dashboard saying, “good things happen to those that wait”?

Maybe its just the people that I hang out with, but I hear it all the time. I’m talking at least once a week I see this quote.

I’ll admit, this quote can be very beneficial for those that use it correctly. For example, if someone is looking to sell their car, it might be better to wait a bit for a certain astrological alignment where there is a better chance that they can sell their car for more money. In this case and in other cases it is in fact best to wait to take action. But a lot of people see this quote and think that its a good idea to put their lives on hold because something better will come along, or perhaps the universe will magically “provide” for them. Again, it is possible for the universe to provide for you, but unless your a fortune teller or have really excelled discernment skills, you are probably leaving the majority of your life to chance.

When people claim that “the world will provide for me”, I can’t help but purse my lips and hold my breath for a few moments. People, especially in the western and developed world, don’t realize that the world is most definitely already providing for you! You literally have all of the technology, knowledge, time, money and resources in the world to create the life that you want to, so why doesn’t anyone live the life they deserve?

There’s a few answers, and a lot of people will probably relate with at least one of the answers, if not all of them. I know for a long time I related with all of these answers, and sometimes even to this day I will relate to one or two of the answers.

Why don’t I live I live the life I deserve?

– “I don’t have time”
– “I don’t have enough money”
– “I’m not good enough”
– “I don’t want to fail” or “I don’t want to do something wrong”.
– “I don’t want to let _______ down”

As sad as it sounds, a lot of people would rather play the victim card than to raise above their insecurities and create a life that they would love. People, including myself, believe that it is easier to suffer and live a mediocre life than it is to take a chance, probably get judged by the world and fall on your face a few times only to create something that you love.

People also often say, “the world is your oyster”, which is exactly how you should view the world. But when people focus on this expression, they focus on the world being a pearl, they never pay attention to the shell that is protecting the oyster. It sucks, but it will likely take some will power and strategy in order to pry open that oyster to get to the pearl, but its probably worth it.

So I’m going to ask a simple question:
– Would you rather go on one hundred dates that go horribly wrong, but still end up with your true love for the rest of your life,
– or, would you rather live the rest of your life alone?

The second option kind of sucks because you would be forever alone, but you wouldn’t have to endure those one hundred horrible dates. The first option seems like quite the hassle, but in the end you get to spend the rest of your life with the one that you love so it is quite rewarding and is probably worth it.

Think about this metaphor, mull it over, play with it, eat it.

The world is your oyster and it is waiting for you, in fact it is probably begging for you to open it to reveal the beautiful pearl to the world. So are you going to open it?
I hope so.

Lets create a new paradigm together!

With love,



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