Why I Will Never Become A Millionaire Selling Handbags

If you’re working the 9-5 work week, you can probably relate to this topic. No doubt, you work hard and you are probably really good at what you do. You probably deserve a raise, five more minutes to sleep in the morning, and a bigger end-of-year bonus. If you’ve been working a retail, management, factory, financial, customer service, or similar type of job for a long time, you have probably mastered most of it, if not all of it, and that is exactly the problem.

When I first started working as a handbags sales associate, I was a bit nervous. To ease my stress, one of my coworkers told me, “Its not like we are saving someone’s life”. After a few weeks I knew every procedure better than I knew the beauty marks and freckles on the back of my right hand. And this is why I make minimum wage of $11.00/hr., because literally ANYONE can do it.

Not only will I never become rich by working this job, but I also don’t deserve to become rich by working at a job like this. Even though I tend to put a smile on customer’s faces, and I provide them with the service of finding them a handbag that suits their needs, I really am not serving them, therefore I am also not serving myself. And lets be real, if that $800 Marc Jacobs handbag doesn’t break within the next year or two, it will definitely be out of style.

Except for the occasion where there is a promotion going on, my job no longer mentally or emotionally stimulates or challenges me. I can feel it everyday that I go to work; it’s the same thing over, and over, and over again. This is where my personal progression stops. There are minimal opportunities to move forward, there is minimal progression. I will not change and grow, and because of that, there I cannot provide myself with a larger container to store extra energy and money.

As a sociology student who understands statistics fairly well, many of my teaching assistants recommend that I look into applying for jobs and internships at statistics companies. When my first professor approached me about the topic and how I can get the oh-so-praised “good paying job” because I know how to analyze numbers, I couldn’t help but sarcastically think, “why don’t I just kill myself?”. I know in the grand scheme of things, somewhere down the line if I were to analyze data it could in fact help people, but probably on a very minuscule level that would not be worth mentioning.

Even though the statistics job may one day feed my bank account, my soul would instantly become malnourished. This article can easily be related to money, but I meant “millionaire” in a different sense, in a personal sense. I will never be limitless, if I’ve already built the box to limit myself with.


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