Forever, My Favourite Quote

One of my favourite quotes that I discovered a few years ago. It’s quite inspiring and I felt the need to share it in case some you need some extra motivation to reach your goals.

And so spoke Hermes (Trismegistus) :

“A king’s virtue — indeed his name alone — is the arbiter if peace. For a king is so called from the light step with which he sets his foot upon the highest authority, because he achieves dominion over the discourse that brings peace, and because he was born to outdo barbarian kingship inasmuch as his name is the token of peace. Accordingly, a king’s challenge has often caused the enemy’s withdrawal. Even statues of the king are havens of peace for the tempest-tost; the sight alone of a king’s image has brought quick victory, and, if it stands unthreatened and undamaged, has protected those who stand by it”.

The most important part to me is when Hermes explains, “A king’s challenge has often caused the enemy’s withdrawal”. Just by being a King (or a Queen) can cause an enemy to withdraw from creating conflict. By raising yourself to a higher standard, you eliminate the minimal struggles that life entails.

Be fierce. Believe in yourself. Be the change.


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