20 Tips & Tricks I Learned By The Age of 20

Well, this post was sitting in my queue for much too long so lets get right into it!

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself, “I love you”.
  2. Wake up and do something that brings you joy in order to start your day off on a good note.
  3. Martial arts shape mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually empowered people. Try it! Lots of places will give a few introductory classes for free.
  4. You cannot guide someone who doesn’t know they are lost.
  5. Invest in a fab pair of sunglasses for days when your eyes look tired.
  6. Smile at people on the streets – you could just be making their day!
  7. You need to serve yourself before you can serve others.
  8. Ask yourself everyday what you are doing to create your dream lifestyle.
  9. If you aren’t working towards your dreams, start today and do one thing in order to get yourself one step closer… and do the same thing tomorrow.
  10. As within, so without. If you dislike someone, it is because you dislike an aspect of yourself and said person is reflecting it back to you.
  11. The average person sweats six liters of fluids per day. Drink more water!!
  12. Classic NLP trick: The brain doesn’t understand negative words (ie, don’t/do not, can’t/cannot, etc,.), so phrase everything in the positive. If you tell someone, “don’t forget your car keys”, they will likely forget their car keys because their brain only heard, “forget your car keys”.
  13. Every manifestation needs ideas, thoughts, planning, and action. Without these four elements, you will not manifest correctly, if anything at all.
  14. Get to know people that are older than you. You can learn from their mistakes and avoid making your own.
  15. Hug more people, more often.
  16. Hot caffeine, like coffee, blows holes in your aura. When you have holes in your aura, you leak energy, which makes you more tired, leading to your desire to drink more coffee.
  17. If you do not get an answer from the question you ask, you are not asking the right question.
  18. Fact: If you can put on liquid eyeliner, you can pretty much accomplish anything.
  19. It is when you are at your weakest, that you must be your strongest.
  20. Make a list with 100 things you love about yourself and keep it close to you for when you need motivation – you are amazing, remember that!

That’s all! I hope some of these 20 basic tips and tricks helped you out in some way!


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