Warrior Training – February 2016




Last weekend I had the absolute honour of working with this small but mighty group of my brothers and sisters. Four 10-12 hour days filled with kali and monika/bo drills, kick-boxing, chi work, push-ups, cross-fit, bridges, planks, more pushups, elemental work, pummeling, teamwork drills, and just when you think you can’t do another pushup, you not only get to do one pushup, you get to do 20 more pushups!


To put it simply, the training was pretty exhausting. But even through all of the seriousness, focus, hard work, sweat, and occasional drop of blood, there was not a day that went by where the room wasn’t filled with smiles, laughter, dancing, and joy.


Why would someone put themselves through such inhumanly long and tiring days of constant physical, emotional, and energetic training? Because every person in that room is on a mission to improve the world, and in order to do this we cannot be slowed down by physical, mental, or emotional problems.


We do not allow our minds to cry over our insecurities or fears. We do not judge our brothers and sisters when we have not walked in their shoes. We do not allow the temple that we call our body to work inefficiently. We do not complain or give up when life gets tough.


Instead, we live from our hearts. We help our brothers and sisters when they are in need. We treat ourselves like royalty and accept nothing less than complete and utter brilliance and beauty. We stay focused with silent minds in order to best approach each challenge that lies ahead of us. Most importantly, everyday we remind ourselves that we are on a mission and that although at times we may get slowed down along our path; nothing will ever stop us.


There is not one person in this room that does not inspire me to grow and be a better person. These magnificent and strong Gods and Goddesses are what it means to be Warriors of Light.



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