Sacred Space

Do you ever get a twisting feeling in your stomach when you walk into a room or a situation, and you’re not quite sure why? Or maybe you’ve experienced it before where you have been walking down the street and you see a perfectly normal building, but for some reason you get a bad vibe from it. For the most part, you are clairsentient or you have some sort of intuition that is picking up on the energy of the room/environment.


Whether you are aware of it or not, everything around you collects energy, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes it cannot be classified. If you couldn’t have guessed, you also collect information and energy from your surroundings through your energetic body, also known as your aura. For example, you may pick up a high in a club from the exciting music and the adrenaline from your friends, or you could all of a sudden feel anxious while walking into an exam or a job interview from your nervous peers around you. Sometimes these emotions and feelings are our own, but if your mood suddenly changes for no apparent reason, it’s likely because you are picking up something from your surroundings.


After living at home with my family for just over a month, I began to notice that I have not been as productive as I normally am when I am living downtown for school, and there is no real logical reasoning for my lack of motivation and energy (such as lack of sleep). Looking at the actual energy of my house, I found that it is the true definition of a home. It is comfortable, it is quiet, the walls are painted warm and neutral, it is in the middle of a quiet forest, it has slow Internet, and the majority of the furniture in it has been around for over ten years. My house is very welcoming and calming, there is no stress or tension in the air. It is a sanctuary to visit after a long day of work in order to de-stress and recharge. However, it is not a good place to get any work done as it whispers, “take a nap and drink some tea, you deserve it”.


Meanwhile, my apartment downtown is covered in bright white paint, has big windows that allow a lot of natural light in, it has a distinct working area, it is blessed with fast Internet, I have candles and incense sticks readily available, and there is little to no clutter. And although this may make me sound crazy, I set dedicated time to regularly clean the energy of my apartment by smudging it with sage, sealing and gridding the room (via Sacred Geometry), and charging it with crystals. Essentially, it is a kickass temple – the second I walk into my apartment I feel energized and inspired to create and work, which is exactly the energy I need in my apartment for the long school-filled months.


I am no interior decorator, but I know a thing or two about metaphysics and energy. If you feel unmotivated, tired, or if you are constantly faced with a particular negative emotion when you enter your house or your workspace, take a look at it and find out why.


Tips & Tricks to a cleaner and more sacred space:

  • Clutter – get rid of it and be as organized and efficient as possible.
  • Old clothing – if you have not worn an article of clothing in the last 6 months, donate it, or throw a clothing swap party.
  • Décor – Find décor and furniture that suits the energy of you space. Try to have warm and neutral colours in relaxing spaces like bedrooms and family rooms, but have bright colours and exciting décor in spaces where you want to create and manifest, such as an office space or an art studio. Remember to add beauty and art into any/all of your spaces to inspire joy and beauty into your life.
  • Energy – look at your thoughts in each space. Keep clean thoughts throughout your space so that you are not spreading negativity to the objects in your house. If your space has some negative vibes to it:
    • Clear your space with sage (or sage spray), and charge it with crystals and nature (plants). Make sure there is fresh air and some natural lighting in every space. Look into ways to energetically set space (example: a sacred geometry class).
    • Even though it’s a pain in the ass, move around your furniture about every 6 months in order to remove stagnant energy.
    • Clean/sanitize your space often. This alone will change the energy of a room.


And last but not least, there is a saying. “As within, so without. As without, so within” – which means, what is in the inside (your emotional & mental state), is reflected on the outside (your surroundings), and vice versa. If your house or workplace is a mess and filled with clutter and dirt, your mental and emotional state will lack clarity and be filled with negativity.

Living and working in positive and beautiful spaces is one of the most essential steps towards living like royalty. Whether you know it or not, you are royalty, and you deserve to live in a kingdom of beauty and good energy.



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