The “System” Is Not Holding You Back

I don’t know exactly why this happens, but I see a lot of people, that sometimes have some sort of spiritual background that tend to really dislike “the matrix” or the infamous “system” for some reason, and for the most part, if you’re going to complain about the matrix, your vision is likely blurred. If you’re so spiritual that you have something against this physicality (like I once did), you need to take a step back from your spirituality to experience and master some foundations of physicality.


I completely understand where people are coming from when they complain about the matrix, or the system, because our current societies, cultures, religions, and economic systems are set up for control. Originally, were these systems set up for control? Probably not, but as of now, these systems are in some way corrupt and are being used to keep the status quo and to fight against change. And you can see through hatred, crime, world poverty, and terrorism, that these system are clearly not working for humanity.


So yes, I completely understand where these people are coming from, however, when people are limiting themselves due to this said corrupt matrix, it worries me. Yes, this matrix is sometimes hard to navigate around, and sometimes the odds are stacked against us, but that doesn’t mean that we should just give up on fighting for our personal success and joy.


If you are someone that has seen the movie, The Matrix, you probably remember the scene where that guy is sitting in the restaurant and decides to trade his knowledge of the matrix in order to eat that fake, but delicious, steak. There is a huge learning lesson in this movie that tries to explain to us that maybe the world we are living in isn’t as real as we think it is, which is where people tend to take things to the extreme.


It is good have no physical attachments and no judgments/opinions in this lifetime to something as simple as a steak, or your favourite sports car, but we humans are clearly on this planet with some sort of purpose, and any purpose usually comes with joy, self knowledge, and entertainment. Eat that damn steak and enjoy it, go on a hiking trip and experience the strength and beauty of nature, sing in your car with your favourite song blasting through the speakers, learn what love is, learn what hatred is, learn everything you can about this physical existence, especially about your fellow brothers and sisters that are living life alongside you.


Most importantly, learn everything you can about yourself so that you know exactly what it is that you want in life. And chances are, if you are continue to progress throughout this life, you will find yourself wanting different things, and more things from this matrix. Once you have created your perfect kingdom, you should relax for a bit and enjoy yourself, but don’t take too much time off before you begin to expand yourself, only to result in you building a brand new kingdom that was even bigger and better than the last one – and I’m not just talking about physical possessions.


But don’t ever play the victim card and say that the matrix is holding you back, because as shitty as it is to hear this, the only person holding you back is yourself. So go out into the world and find a way to make something of yourself and find a way to bring your gift to the world in order to make this matrix more enjoyable for everyone.


You’re going to face some mountains in your life, but if you just remember to keep climbing, you will reach the top, and you will have wisdom about everything around you.


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