The 1 Thing That Holds You Back From Getting What You Want


You have big plans in life! You’re going make a lot of changes to this universe! But maybe your plans aren’t quite unraveling the way you want them to, or maybe things aren’t happening quite quick enough – and it happens to everyone, even some of the most successful people on this planet.


So you probably clicked on this article because you thought something along the lines of, “Yes! There is something that is keeping me back from accomplishing my goals, what could it be?”, and there definitely is something that is holding you back from your dream life.


But, by clicking on and reading this article, you are searching for something external; you want me to tell you that something or someone is to blame for your dilemma and/or your failures, which I am not going to do because I love you.


Even though the economy, the social institutions, and the environment around you isn’t always set up for your best success, they are still not to be blamed. Putting your blame onto something or someone is like Sidney Crosby saying that he couldn’t score a goal because there was a goalie blocking the net.


The same rules apply to you. Things will get in your way, but that just means that you need to direct your energy more accurately, faster, slower, maybe ask for help, or whatever fits your situation – you need to take control of the hockey puck that is your life. Screw the goalie, you better get your puck into that net no matter what it takes! #lifeGOALS


Essentially, the only person that can dictate your life is you!

The only person that you can 110% count on is yourself.

You are good enough, you are smart enough, you are strong enough, you are beautiful enough, you are more than capable of building a life that you deserve to live.


Spend just one week, or even just one day, and evaluate your life. Look at who you associate with, look at the environment you put yourself in, how you make money, where you spend your energy, where do you want to spend your energy, look at how you take care of yourself etc.,.


Then, when something comes up and you have a thought along the lines of “Well, if I didn’t have so much homework to do, I could focus more on my painting skills”, stop yourself immediately and re-word your complaint into something constructive.


For example:

“I spend a lot of time on homework because I’m never focused. If I turn off my TV and my wifi, I can work more productively so that I can get my homework done faster, and therefore, I will have more time for my painting”.

Notice how I didn’t put the blame on the homework or the lack of time, but rather I put the blame on my lack of focus because my lack of focus is something that I can change and control.


If you practice a life where you take responsibility for your actions, you will quickly see how much power and energy you give away by making excuses and by putting blame on external things.


It pretty shitty to constantly be the reason for your own failures, but try not to dwell on it. Everyone has good and bad days so not every day is going to be filled with triumphs, but if you control even 70-80% of your life, you are going to see just how much you can accomplish!




Best wishes in your endeavours!



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