Samhain & Honouring our Ancestors


Honestly, the only trick that you can play on Halloween is giving out apples instead of candy. Unless those apples are attached to an iPhone 7 – we don’t want them!


Happy Halloween, Samhain, Hallows Eve, Witches New Year!


There’s something so special about today. There is some good feeling that arrives with the crisp autumn air. The leaves are disappearing from the trees telling us that it’s ok for you to go into a bit of hibernation over the coming cold months. And on this one specific day, you get to go out and collect as much candy as possible like a squirrel on a nut hunt, in order to stockpile some extra calories for the upcoming winter.


But there is something a bit more magical about this time. It is today that the veils (between dimensions) are the thinnest. If you’ve never heard of a veil before, it’s something that keeps our physical dimension separate from our late ancestors. So yes, if at random times you smell your grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies that she made when you were young, you would be right to think that she is still beside you, but you just can’t see her.


And along with these veils keeping us from physically contacting our ancestors, they separate us from the elementals (faeries, mermaids, dragons, etc.,). So if you are feeling like the streets are more crowded and the shopping malls are a thousand degrees hotter, it’s because we are sensing more energy around us that we are normally blind to. That being said, this is a really good time to connect with your ancestors, with the elementals, and with your own spirit.


And getting into the meat of this article, it is a great time to honour those that have come before you. But what exactly does it mean to honour someone that has passed on?


Samhain in the Wiccan tradition is like New Years Eve. It’s the end of the harvest season where you reflect on what you accomplished in the previous year, and it’s a good time to set goals for the upcoming year. It’s a perfect time for death and rebirth. We reflect on the previous year, we let go of it, and we move on and begin to plan for an even more successful upcoming year.


Our ancestors were once a part of this physical density, and even though their smiles and warm hugs may not be with us, their energy still is. But there was a part of them that is gone; it died, which means that there is a gap of energy in your life that needs to be filled, therefore, there must be some sort of birth to fill the void of where they used to be.


It’s as if our ancestors passed us a torch of light and said “It’s your turn now”.


We shouldn’t take the cop-out option of thinking about our ancestors and remembering how good of a person they were. The torch is yours to hold now – are you going to tend to the flame and keep it burning bright, or are you going to let the flame of their lineage extinguish?


If you want the flame to burn bright, you’re most likely going to need to do something physical to honour your ancestors. Thinking about their legacy is a beautiful thing, but I challenge you to keep that legacy going. I’m not saying for you to become that person, because you have your own purpose, but what I’m saying to keep the positivity and the energy of your ancestors alive.


As adults, we have an unspoken responsibility to give a better life to those that come after us. Whether it is your children or the collective children of the future, the animals, or the planet, you should be finding ways to make the situation of this planet better for these people/things. And your ancestors most likely fought for you to live a good life, so it would only be fair to do the same for those around you and those that will be on this planet after you are gone.


So take this time where the veils are at their thinnest in order to connect with your ancestors. Look at the energy that they brought to the planet, and see if you are continuing to bring that energy as well. It doesn’t even need to be your ancestor that you honour – if David Bowie changed your life and inspired you to always be yourself, there’s no reason that you can’t honour him by continuing to express your soul.


So some things to ask yourself:

What flame was passed on to you, and how can you keep it going?

What kind of flame are you going to pass on when you’re finished on this planet?

Is your legacy built on the strengths of your ancestors and heroes?

How can you build your flame brighter?


That being said, a good party can bring some vitality to your flame – so get on out there and celebrate the witches new year!



Wishing you a Halloween filled with full-sized chocolate bars,




HEY!!! If you’re interested in learning more about the magic of Samhain, I had an article published last year in Magus Magazine and you can read it here:


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