Where Did Your New Car Smell Go?


If you have ever experienced a Life Activation, or a lineage healing/initiation of some sort, you probably remember feeling a surge of energy and light come into your life where you feel like a million bucks and you know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You were infused with a bunch of energy that you probably haven’t held for a long time. You can think clearer, your chi and body feels more alive, you have passion and joy, you have a sense of direction in life, and so much more! To put it simply: You start to live more as your true self. And You. Feel. Awesome.

 Or, if you have never ever experienced a healing, imagine getting a massage, going on a vacation, or finishing a juice cleanse. Or even an accomplishment like getting a promotion at your job. Something that has a healing / fulfilling effect to it.


And the next few coming months after the healing, you continue to feel awesome. But sometimes, after a few months, maybe you forget to do your rituals once or twice (or everyday), perhaps you go through a stressful time period, maybe you forget to do the things that fulfill you, so that awesome feeling slowly disappears and you start to lack energy and passion, then you question if anything actually happened in that healing. Or if you finished a cleanse or got a job promotion, you question if it did anything or if it was worth it. If this has happened to you, don’t worry, because it happens to all of us.


I’ve been on a path of self mastery for about 6 years and I’ve experienced this feeling more than a few times, so I created a metaphor that I constantly remind myself of, and I figure I would share it to help you better understand this process, and to help you get over this feeling. And oh yes, that whole “your body is a rental vehicle” metaphor that we use in the Mystery School is going to have a whole new meaning by the end of this – brace yourselves.


Imagine going to a dealership and upgrading your car. Ya, your old car served you well, but it’s time for a brand new Model X Tesla with the sport utility, cool falcon-winged doors, smooth sounding speakers, safe self-driving capability, beautiful and sleek interior, that is powered by electricity that won’t pollute the air and atmosphere around you. Ohhhhhh baby.


And what is one of the best features about this car? The new car smell. It’s almost impossible to describe it, but if you’ve ever been inside of a new car, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Its probably not even the smell that we love, but it’s the whole experience of investing your energy into something brand new that’s never been touched before, that you know is going to serve you well.


So just to get things strait: You are the Tesla, and consider your energy the new car smell.


And if there is one thing that I know about the new car smell, it’s that it tends to disappear over time, exactly like that burst of energy that slowly disappears after receiving a healing. Our cars start to get dirty because we dropped part of our breakfast muffin all over the floor, or we carelessly threw our dirty workout shoes and gym bag onto the once-clean seats, or that time we were drinking coffee while driving over train tracks causing it to spill everywhere. This is the same process that happens to our physical body and our energy structure when we do things like eat unhealthy, forget to do our rituals, meditation, or prayer, don’t get enough sleep, have a bad argument with someone, and so on. These things cause our energy to leak or they cause our energy field to get a little dirty, and that amazing post-healing feeling goes away like that blessed new car smell.


So how do we avoid this? It’s simple. When our cars get dirty, we give them a car wash or we get them detailed, or if there is a mechanical problem, we take them to the mechanic to get fixed. So if we have a problem in our energy field, we must first scan and acknowledge the symptoms that are causing us to feel this lack of energy, then we must determine where the source is coming from. If it comes from a toxic relationship then perhaps we need a cord cutting. If we haven’t been sleeping properly and have been getting very moody, it might be time to catch some extra Z’s. If there is a core issue that keeps whispering bad thoughts into our mind, perhaps we need Etheric Reconstruction. Maybe you feel mentally and emotionally flustered and you actually need to go get your car detailed (as within, so without, right?).


No matter what the problem is, you have somehow stepped out of the flow of light, your purpose, or your true self, and you need to get back in that flow. Now, how that is done varies from person to person – but just know, if you were on that high before, there is no reason that you can’t get back to it and feel it every single day.


(Side Note: Everything in our life has a new car smell – technology, houses, relationships, accomplishments, our manifestations, songs we hear on the radio, etc., and the key is to continually move forward in life and find new things that bring us joy, or find ways to restore old things so that they can once again bring us joy. It’s all about that death and rebirth cycle).


Taking this one step further for all of the light-workers that I know.

(You can ignore this part of the article if you have no clue what I mean by light-worker and start back up riiigghhhttt…….)

As a Life Activation Practitioner I know 100% that when I fall off the wagon with doing LA’s, the first thing I should do is grab someone to do an activation on. And after Professional Integration Day every year, I know it’s the perfect time to amp up my service game because I have just been infused with a bunch of energy to do the work, which makes it 100x easier to do the work.
As an RM, when I start to lose that inner warrior – when I begin to focus on the battles that life throws at me and I forget to focus at the war – the first thing I do is grab my boxing gloves and run through my jabs, crosses, hooks, and kicks.
Essentially, I invoke either the energy of Geburah or Chesed, or both, so that I can be both a great healer and great warrior, and then shabam! I stand strong in the Middle Pillar!


So the moral of the story is that you indeed are a Tesla Model X, and sometimes you need to take some time to get a repair or get your insides detailed and swept clean of dirty energy. Like anything in life, you are either progressing or regressing, becoming healthier or sicker, becoming cleaner or dirtier, and your energy is either expanding or contracting, so it’s up to you to know when you are not operating at the standard you hold yourself to. Being the Model X Tesla that you are, I hope you hold yourself to the highest standards and I hope you keep that self-driving function close to your heart, because whether you like it or not you only get one custom-made-to-serve-your-life’s-purpose car in this life and you are the only one that knows how to drive it.


And with that I love you, and I leave you with this terrible driving pun!







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